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They say that the only permanent thing is change. So why is it that the changes you WANT to make seem so difficult and all of the other changes sweep you along sometimes in unintended directions?

Did you ever make a New Year’s resolution? If so, you may have struggled with maintaining your motivation and the behaviors that it would take in order to reach your goal.

What if you had a clear plan for making the change you wanted? The better you plan, the more successful you can be at anything.

We also learn from experiences that don’t work the way we planned. Those learning opportunities can help us plan better and better if we use them as learning tools. Experience like that is valuable because it helps us anticipate obstacles to success.

Understand that when you are in the midst of changes that you did not instigate, this can be very stressful. Take a deep breath and then look for aspects of the change process that you can effectively manage. Focus on things that are within your control. Plan for any “next steps” and try to be strategic with your coping skills while experiencing change.

Another old adage claims that new businesses don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. This can be true for anyone taking on a new opportunity or seeking to make a change. Identify your goal and then create your plan. Be specific in the planning and include ways you will track your success and have timelines for the steps.

Many people plan better when they research the subject ahead of time. If nothing else, read about managing change if you want to be successful.

Here are a few online articles that might be interesting as you (or your organization) plan to make a change or as you cope with change you find yourself experiencing:

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